Tuesday, November 9, 2010

conan ratings

conan ratings

Is not it amazing the kind of revenge on Conan O'Brien? TBS broadcast debut and number of evaluations indicate that the talk-show host larger audiences than Jay Leno pulled the "Tonight Show."

A comedian on the show, titled "Conan", attracted 4.2 million viewers (3.3 million adults 18-49) extracted Leno "Tonight Show," which faltered at 3.5 million viewers (950,000 adults 18-49), according to The Hollywood Reporter. Coco is not only to his former NBC colleague, but he beat David Letterman's 3.4 million viewers (1.3 million adults 18-39), and far more than "The Daily Show Jon Stewart" (1.3 million total viewers) and "The Colbert Report "(1 million viewers overall).

"Conan the audience is very vocal line, and he clearly has made a smooth transition from Twitter TBS" TBS president Steve Koonin said. "Conan, delivering exceptional public and distinguishes itself a recent talk show on television."

Or "Conan" to maintain the level of qualification in the coming weeks and months - when viewers tune in to the premiere of Showtime clicking elsewhere on the dial - even in the future. Currently, however, Conan and his team to celebrate the music and of course tasting the victory over the network started him on the "Tonight Show" perch a few months after he assumed. If the host is displayed under the TBS debut, is still annoyed that the removal of bitter.

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