Tuesday, November 9, 2010

matt lauer george bush interview

matt lauer george bush interview

There was no way to tell the advance publicity clips and see how bad Matt Lauer on his primetime interview with George W. Bush tonight, a part of the book-tour flacking the ex-president (which now goes to Oprah in a long, and attach it to Fox News). Oh, we had suspicions Lauer on the past, but the reality was worse than the fantasy.NBC News scored a great journalist, the first interview after the presidency of George W. Bush after the release of the new autobiography "decision points". But it does not seem interested in watching the president was talking with Matt Lauer last night.

"Matt Lauer Reports: Decision Points: Interview with George W. Bush 'average of 1.7 adults 18-49 Nielsen rating of 8 hours by night, down 2.0 from last week, the usual timeslot passenger" Chuck ".

"Reports" is the fourth in a time slot, just ahead of the Univision and the CW, and an average of 7 million total viewers.ABC led the night among 18-49s and a 3.7 overnight rating and October 1 share. CBS was second at 3.4 / 9, Fox third at 2.7 / 7, Univision fourth 1,6 / 4, the fifth NBC 1.5 / 4 and CW sixth 0.9 / 2

It is recalled that all the reviews they live, plus same day DVR playback. Seven-day DVR data will not be available for several weeks. Thirty-eight percent of Nielsen households with DVRs.At 8 pm on Fox and ABC tied for first in the 3.7, Fox a "House" and ABC's "Dancing with the Stars." CBS was third in the 3.3 "How I Met Your Mother" (3.5) and "Rules of Engagement" (3.1), a 1.7 on NBC, the fourth in the "Reports" Univision fifth with a 1.5 A "Eva Luna" and CW sixth in a 0.8 "90210".

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