Friday, November 5, 2010

keith olbermann

keith olbermann

You mutter MSNBC Keith Olbermann's head leans to the left? Oh, did you? I can. So why does Mr. Olbermann MSNBC suspended without pay a contribution to the Democratic campaigns? Well, it's against house rules, which are quite nice, but what's the point of these rules? MSNBC's policy, as stated on the website of MSNBC in 2007.

If NBC is concerned about the impartiality of why a full line-up shows, without even a fig leaf on the bias? Mr. Olbermann is a relatively small ship for $ 7,200 in donations to Democratic candidates seem incredibly stupid, given that he is the whole show off the kind donation worth millions and millions of Democratic candidates and interests. If it makes sense to suspend him kicking a few bucks, as opposed to the candidates it supports, it makes sense to simply stop at MSNBC to produce a transparent part of a slate of programs.

What really makes sense for MSNBC is simply to recognize what it is, it drops a little primitive pretext of impartiality, and Fox News in that allows the cast to follow a strong supporter of the hosts of the politicians and the causes and the amount of money, assistance in softball request, opposition research, public relations and propaganda. Mr. Olbermann needs to get back to the pulpit. I know that in the interest of the media as if it were money in politics is a big problem when you switch to the unequal impact of their own kind of outrageous noble public service, but who does not think MSNBC that a joke? Tell me, what will be on Fox News, at least not insult our intelligence in this way.

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