Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cowboys vs Panthers Score

Cowboys vs Panthers Score
Last night's Panthers vs Cowboys Monday Night Football game was the perfect reason why every sports fan should own a DVR as the score at halftime was 7 - 0. (And it 29 minutes to get that score on the board) It picked up from the extremely boring first half with a little more scoring in the second half as the Cowboys came back to win 21 - 7. I usually DVR sporting events and start watching about 45 minutes after they start so I can skip over the commercials. Last night I found myself fast forwarding over the put you to sleep football that was being played in the first half.
I'll should just skip to the second half highlights as there is basically nothing to report except on how long each punt was in the first half. The only score of the first half came with 1:03 left in the second quarter as Jake Delhomme connected with Dante Rosario on a 25 yard touchdown pass to put the Panthers up 7 - 0. In the second half the Dallas Cowboys' offense picked it up as they put two solid drives together for a field goal and a touchdown. They took the lead as Tashard Choice ran it into the end zone from 5 yards out to give the Cowboys the lead 10 - 7. The Cowboys tacked on more points with a long 78 yard drive that ended with 12:02 in the fourth quarter with a field goal.
The Carolina Panther had absolutely no offense in the second half their six possessions in the went punt; punt; punt; punt; interception; and fumble. Pretty impressive...you wonder why they are 0 - 3. Any hope of them coming back from the 13 - 7 deficit went to the grave when Terence Newman picked off Jake Delhomme's pass and raced 27 yards into the end zone. After the two point conversion the Cowboys lead 21 - 7 with 5:07 to play, and the way the Panthers offense was playing that lead was safe. So the Cowboys go to 2 - 1 and stay one game behind the undefeated NY Giants in their division. The Panthers fall to 0 - 3 and put themselves in a huge hole in their division, now three games behind the undefeated New Orleans Saints.

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