Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ed thomas

ed thomas

Espy Awards are fun and performance venues in and around sports. However, there are higher goals identified by the Espy's. The Arthur Ashe Courage Award and the Jimmy V Back Prize is awarded to those who embody the characteristics of men for whom the awards are named.This year the winner of the Ashe family of Ed Thomas, the football coach of Iowa high school that has a helmet in the back after an unthinkable tragedy. Over time it became the victim of another.Santo Tomás Pakersburg, Iowa, was hit by a EF-5 tornado in the summer of 2008. He lost his home and the school where he taught and trained would not seem to host another game, much less ready for the opener of the 2008 season.

He worked tirelessly for the town of 2,000 people to stay focused and together. At that time, the football team took the field and not just play the season, went 11-1. It gave comfort and solidarity with the city.But a year later, was shot by a former student who suffered from mental illness. children of Thomas and women not only comforted each other, but made a number to reach the boy's parents that took the life of Ed.They do not even have considered defamatory tormented young man or his parents. It is a small town, and you see the word "neighbors" means something special in Parkersburg.

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