Friday, July 16, 2010

nick schuyler

nick schuyler

Nick Schuyler, the sole survivor of a tragedy navigate the icy waters of the Gulf Sea, spoke about their experiences after a traumatic stay silent on the issue for shipping months.The incident occurred almost a year ago, which was stranded Nick Schuyler open sea for 43 hours at before it was rescued.Nick Schuyler, in his interview, he recalls how he was persecuted by the thoughts of his mother weeping over her dead body at that time.

Nick Schuyler and three of his friends went on a trip in his 21-foot boat sank in the Gulf Sea.It is the anchor that it was established that did not flinch, and resulted in the boat also discussed capsizing.Nick Schuyler how a few hours after the ship became one of his friends gave him the fight to live and be swallowed up by the waves. Several hours later, another friend also let go. In the last hours before I rescued Nick Schuyler, remembers feeling extreme hypothermia, dehydration, hunger and hallucinations.

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