Thursday, July 22, 2010

yahoo down

yahoo down

Shares of Yahoo took a sharp fall on Tuesday said quarterly revenue growth of two percent is not met the expectations of analysts on Wall Street.Yahoo said its second-quarter net profit rose 51 percent from the previous year 213 million U.S. dollars. share earnings amounted to 15 percent, better than analysts' 14 cent forecasted.While quarter net income and earnings per share beat analyst expectations, sales rose only 2 percent in the quarter ended 30 June to $ 1600000000.

Yahoo shares fell 6.25 percent, to $ 14.25 in after-hours trading after the results were announced after winning 0.66 percent for the market closed.Yahoo said it expects boost growth in the third quarter sales between 1.57 and 1.65 billion dollars.Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz said the company is happy that she "remains a strong operating income and margin improvement to deliver" although "it were in the bottom of our revenue estimates. " Bartz said that Yahoo gained market share in the pursuit of profit and advertising market in the quarter, but was not yet expectations.Yahoo 's search advertising revenue in the quarter decreased by eight percent, while revenues show advertising increased by 19 percent. "Show the growth was very strong and is looking to stabilize," he acknowledged Bartz.

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