Tuesday, July 20, 2010

unemployment extension vote

unemployment extension vote

The Senate has advanced a bill unemployment extension today after a vote of 60-40. All Democrats, except Ben Nelson of Nebraska voted for the bill, along with two Republican senators.Votes were read, and when the employee was newly appointed Senator Carte Goodwin, "yes" vote came applause from Democrats building. Now the bill of unemployment was adopted to cover another vote in the Senate also is expected today.

This is a bill of millions of Americans have been waiting, and we here at TPI has been documenting the progress of the bill that delayed for so long by the GOP. Through this bill, the federal unemployment program will run until late November, the preservation of the four levels of federal and federal support for the two layers of extended benefits program for a total of up to 99 weeks in states most affected. This bill will be retroactive to June 2, when unemployment expired.Democrats program covers looking for quickly approving the project because it must be signed by President Barack Obama.

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