Tuesday, July 13, 2010

george steinbrenner

george steinbrenner

When he heard the news about the head, I always thought the same thing: "Oh, not even he would." Then you realize, "Yes, he wanted. And serve." So should only accept the fact that the death of George Steinbrenner III, on the morning of All-Star Game, so soon after his 80th birthday on the Fourth of July is the perfect, appropriate and perhaps the only appropriate thanks for such an extravagant man. This is exactly the ideal farewell at the top of a man who loved sports more than their entire background and every ounce of attention to himself and his team to steal.

The site of the All-Star Game to be at the home of the Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles, but made sure that Steinbrenner will be held in a New York state of mind. The Yankee owner overshadow what is now an afterthought in an exhibition game. Even if he wins the National League for the first time since '96, will lose the war back to pages where both loved George.

In addition, perhaps this was the last Steinbrenner win one-on-the-Boss time, his last chance to make his Yankees, who are tied for the best record in the game, it helps to get the advantage in the World Series. Do not call it rough idea. A man and a sentimental, emotional, superstitious and soaked in sport and life as Steinbrenner was quite some things better to help their kids in the Bronx one last time.

If you are the most famous and infamous at times, an owner in the history of American sport, he deserves a gathering of the clans to leave you with a good tribute. However, lets face it, this is the fourth time that George has made great festive event in a tribute in the last 24 months.

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