Wednesday, July 21, 2010

whale yacht

whale yacht

The photos and stories are quite dramatic: an excess whale about the crash on a sailing boat from South Africa. The results survive: whale, boat people and all.
"It was pretty scary," said Paloma Werner, the sailing-Sunday Capt. free city was shelled with her boyfriend / business partner, Ralph Mothes, in its 32-foot, steel yacht. "We thought the whale was going to go under the boat and get to the other side. We thought that it would see us."

The estimated 30 meters long, 40-endangered Southern Right Whale tonnes tipped the boat steel mast, the cabin and then slipped back into the ocean off Cape Town. The two sailors were not violated. The young mammal fat and skin left behind and was "in any case very badly bruised, but probably do not break", a marine researcher said.

Today, however, investigating officers reported that Wermer Mothes can and too close to the whale and harassment they have come to break it so, the Cape Times reported. The law requires sailors to 1,000 feet away to keep from whales.

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