Friday, July 16, 2010

jessi slaughter given pcp by her father

jessi slaughter given pcp by her father

Slaughter Jessi is a girl of eleven years that the construction of the main rounds on the Internet for video channel on YouTube where you use a very bad language.Jessi Slaughter was only eleven, but when you hear her speak, can not say if is a girl of 11 years of age or verbalize a full grown woman, evil is raging. Jessi Slaughter has its own channel on Youtube and many videos to publish the name of kerligirl13. These video recordings are made without direct supervision and Jessi room.

Apparently, Jessi Slaughter also has many of those who hate to send negative comments about her and her late videos broke them in front of the camera and even his father turned on the video to your video such haters.While and pictures of the diss kerligirl13 shown on the website in line with these young girls spend unsupervised bad things about the Internet, one wonders what is the world coming to, big story of the slaughter pcp Jessi given by her father; kerligirl13 .

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