Monday, August 31, 2009

Big Brother 11 pandora's box

Big Brother 11 pandora's box
Afternoon in the Big Brother House and leisurely talk amoung house guests. A 2:42pm BBT, the live feeds came back! The Mystery of the HOH Door is now solved! It was a luxury comp, that could have some consequences.
Natalie said "So it was $10,000 to split between the house, Kev?"
Jordan: (to Jeff) "How much do you think you grabbed?"
Jeff: "$1,000?"
Jordan: "Noo.."
Kevin: "I thought the money looked fake at first!"
Jordan: "I grabbed like 5 or 6 $100's. The pool filter had, like.."
Kevin: "That was so much fun!! They said once you make the choice to go in that door...someone grabbed my arm and I screamed like a little bitch! Then they handcuffed me."
It was the mystery door! Kevin said he heard something behind the door. Kevin: "There's a whole room behind that door!!" Kevin said that BB gave him a "choice". Jeff is saying that Natalie was being greedy during the luxury comp. He also said something about "opening Pandora's box". Natalie is out of the Diary Room. Jeff: "What up, SNAKE?!" Natalie: "That was $10 G's in the backyard??? Didn't look like it.." They think something is still up & that Natalie knows something.

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