Sunday, August 30, 2009

Chicago Triathlon

Chicago Triathlon
Chicago Triathlon and Hunter Kemper hope to help cities Olympic bid Over 9000 athletes are taking on the 27th annual Chicago Triathlon, once again making it the largest triathlon in the world at least as ranked by the Guinness Book of World Records. The race features a 1.5-kilometer swim along the shoreline in Monroe Harbor, a 40-kilometer bike ride on Lake Shore Drive and a 10-kilometer run along lake Michigan.
When asked what advice he has for athletes racing on today, Hunter Kemper (seen here as he promotes Chicago's Olympic bid at triathlon), and a favorite to win the race said, "Take it all in. This race is unique, unlike any other, the swim is unique, the bike on Lake Shore Drive is beautiful, there aren't many races like this in the country, so make sure to take a moment and enjoy the experience."
I have come home, so to speak, to race in this year's triathlon. In over 10 years of professional Adventure Racing, at least 40 triathlons and untold numerous other endurance events, I have never raced my hometown triathlon. I still get strange looks and cautious comments from the home team..."You're doing what?" ..."How far?" ... "What do you do in a triathlon?" etc. Interesting to note though that my 101-year-old grandmother, who has never lived anywhere else but Chicago, seems to be able to keep track of it all and knows the course.

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