Monday, August 31, 2009

Susan Haskell

Susan Haskell
Susan Haskell is an actress. She is a Canadian actress. She was born in Canada, in Toronto, Ontario. Recently she was announced as the winner on 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Award. It is a big achievement for her. She got this award for lead in drama series. She was very happy and excited on the stage ceremony. No doubt that, she achieved this award on behave of her hardworking and full time attachment with her profession.
She was very intelligent from her beginning age. She was fully fluent in speaking French when she was only 8 year old. She was very curious about the moderation of the things. She always thought about the new inventions of science. She tried to observe something exceptional by her self. Susan was graduated in 1985 from Tufts University in United States. She entered in the media field in 1992. She won Outstanding Supporting Actress award in 1994. it was her first remember able achievement in the media field. She fall in love with her long time companion ,Thorsten Kaye, during One life to Live. They have two beautiful childes, McKenna and Marlowe
Although she is famous actress and a part of fashion but she is very simple. She is not much caring about her outer beauty. She likes to eat and prefers to live a happy life. She likes natural more than materialistic things. Haskell's Outstanding Lead Actress win is the first in the category from One Life to Live since Erika Slezak. She joins the ranks of notable One Life to Live actresses who have won the award, including: Judith Light, Robin Strasser, Erika Slezak and Hillary B. Smith.

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