Monday, August 31, 2009

Daytime Emmy Awards 2009 winners

Daytime Emmy Awards 2009 winners
The Daytime Emmy Awards 2009 winners were a little surprising last night. The Daytime Emmy Awards 2009 winners had some usual suspects, but the Daytime Emmy Awards 2009 winners had some relatively new names and shows in the mix. At least two of the major Emmy Awards
choices, as the Daytime Emmy Awards put on a big show - even if it ended a little too late for the CW's liking.
The biggest Daytime Emmy Awards 2009 winner of the night was The Bold and the Beautiful, which won its first Best Drama Series Emmy, and the first for a CBS program in 22 years. However, the Daytime Emmy Awards 2009 were held on the CW, so by the time The Bold and the Beautiful cast and crew got their awards, it was 10 pm EST and the CW stopped their broadcast. The CW didn't have the same patience for late awards show as other networks do - but it blacked out the acceptance speeches of the major Daytime Emmy Awards 2009 winners, nonetheless. The Daytime Emmy Awards are already likely to get lousy ratings for being on the CW, no matter when it ended.
But the actual Daytime Emmy Awards 2009 winners hardly cared about ratings. In addition to The Bold and the Beautiful's upset, a major upset took place in the Best Talk Show Host category. Ellen DeGeneres had held that honor for the last four years, but she was dethroned by the ladies of The View - who weren't even in attendance. In addition, Guiding Light had one last Daytime Emmy Award winner, as Jeff Branson tied for the Best Supporting Actor award with Vincent Irizarry of All My Children. Guiding Light was also part of a major tribute from the Daytime Emmy Awards 2009, as its final episode approaches on September 18.

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