Friday, September 11, 2009

Lisa beamer remarried

Lisa beamer remarried
Has Lisa beamer remarried? Lisa Beamer the widow of Todd Beamer a victim of 9 11 who has been hailed a hero for his effort to stop an airplane being crashed into a building is rumored to have remarried. I am sure no one should object her decision to remarry at this stage in life. Lisa Beamer remembers the events of September 11, 2001 probably better than anyone. Her husband, Todd Beamer was aboard United Airlines Flight 93 that crashed in Western Pennsylvania.
Since her husband's death, Lisa Beamer has published a book called "Let's Roll: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage," about her life with Todd and her life after the crash. The book is named after Todd Beamer's famous last words that he used as a rallying cry when passengers overcame the terrorists who hijacked the plane. Todd Beamer has been hailed as a national hero for his role in stopping the hijackers from crashing United Flight 93 into a building and injuring more people. He was awarded the Arthur Ashe Courage Award in 2002.

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