Saturday, November 14, 2009

alizee paradis

alizee paradis
Alizee Paradis Is In The Running She can not win Busted "Coverage's Hottest Female College Sports Decade", but former tennis star Cincinnati Alizee Paradis came indeed vote Sic Willie.
Not only does the Quebec City native have the whole “eff off” thing going for her (just look at those eyes, people), but she’s obviously got some experience on the pole (see pics four and five below) … which as it turns out is going to be a recurring theme today. Anyway, Paradis was also no joke on the court, playing as the Bearcats’ No. 1 seed and serving as the team’s captain (oh captain, our captain, rrrrrawwwrrr). Check out Busted Coverage for a great article on Alizee, and don’t forget to cast your vote for her when they run their “Hottest Athlete” poll!

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