Monday, November 9, 2009

uaa online

uaa online
UAA Online, University of Alaska Anchorage - University of Alaska Naiste Bazaar võimalus remained suur puhkus rahvahulga. Panos, jewelry, paintings and wood carvings were only the beginning of the University Association of International Women's 41 annual holiday bazaar, where there was a market share nearly marks the weekend involving the University of Alaska Fairbanks Wood Center.
If the attendance level is any indication of a healthy economy, bazaar co-chairwoman Georgene Nielson said, Fairbanks is doing pretty well. Within 15 minutes of closing Sunday afternoon, the Wood Center was still packed with anxious holiday shoppers eager to find that unique gift with an Alaska flair. The University Women’s Association has always had strict requirements for its vendors, the better to highlight locally crafted and handmade goods.
"Even with everything that happens in the nation's economy, we have seen a large increase in our sales - dollar wise - than we have in years," said Nielson. I think people really take advantage of the beautiful suppliers and craftsmen that we have here in Alaska when they're looking for holiday gifts. "

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