Wednesday, November 4, 2009

big bird s birthday

big bird s birthday
Big Bird, Sesame Street and Google? Why not? Yellow lining on their feet today to mark the site Home birth is 40th show. Today, visitors to the site, lately one of the most rare videos on the Internet, you may see the world's most famous pair of legs (and no, we do not talk about Heidi Klum's, which was secured only $ 2.2 million.) We produce big bird understand!
The reason? Today marks the 40th anniversary of children’s TV show Sesame Street. To celebrate, Sesame Street’s website has been running a contest, where visitors can vote for their favorite episodes from the the show’s impressive four-decade public television run. We here at the Monitor have a soft spot for our furry friends from the Children’s Television Workshop. Our recent “Famous Grouches” gallery was headlined by none other than trash can-dwelling Oscar himself (and good friend Telly).
And we were there in May, when First Lady Michelle Obama on the United Nations know that he was happy to be there, but only on Sesame Street and more attractive. Big Bird himself to Google home page following long line of "Google doodles" - a clever sketches or graphics, site set up to commemorate the most significant dates.

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  1. OMG, Sesame street.. I never thought they will show up on this fast-pacing world. Now they did, and someone is telling me I should "feel good" about it. I wouldn't mind to say that I get addicted to sesame street way back when I was 10 years old