Tuesday, November 10, 2009

prejean sextape

prejean sextape
Carrie Prejean mouth continued to run a biblical right to this morning "Today" - says that there is news on the sex tape as part of a 7-month "campaign to try my Silence". Mission power, said people are still trying to "embarrassing" and "humiliate" him because the answer he gave same-sex marriage Question Time at Miss USA procession.
Pageant officials hit back with a countersuit, seeking reimbursement for her $5,200 breast implants and claiming the bombshell failed to live up to her contractual obligations. Just as we were preparing for a long, bitter court fight, there was a joint announcement out of the blue on Tuesday declaring a settlement. The following day, TMZ reported that the sex tape was the pageant's trump card, and Prejean wound up with no money in the settlement (though the pageant was said to have paid $100,000 in fees to her lawyers and publicist).
Referring to the completion of a confidentiality agreement, a spokesman for the contest Roger Neal declined to comment, that the officers used their sex as leverage, except to say that "the best of lawsuits have been deleted for Carrie, Carrie, and we want the best."

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