Tuesday, November 10, 2009

marine corps birthday

marine corps birthday
The local group of Marine Corps League is the famous military wing's 234th Birthday with a ceremony by 10 clock today to mark the Overton Brooks VA Medical Center in Shreveport. There, members of the League of Floyd L. Baxter Red River Detachment and 875 Marines from Bravo Co., 1 Battalion, 23rd Marine Regiment, will conduct an appropriate ceremony marking the occasion. They will then cut a cake with a knife and the stake until all the cake gone.
The Corps’ strength has been consecrated in sacrifice and tested in battles over the years. Although always resilient in strength, the Marine Corps has continuously adapted and evolved, often through extraordinary innovation. Through it all, a renowned, revered legacy of excellence in battle and in all endeavors has amassed. Camp Lejeune shares in that legacy.
Although the center of the war and training for it has changed over the years, the fundamental nature of the war and the Marines to do it. In the 68 years since the base is a much changed, but the body and defining characteristics of the base of the commitment, the sacrifice of another, tirelessly excellence, courage and has remained timeless.

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