Monday, November 9, 2009

josh wolk

josh wolk
Josh Wolk's Pop Culture Club talks "Sex Rehab, Dr. Drew ': Funny, and powerful, then back again We visited an animal of my obsessions, Dr. Drew last get the "D-Lister" series DT: Sex Rehab. I can use in this way with Dr D for two famous rehabs and Sober House, and - most common play on words for this show - I'm addicted.
The dilemma I always face in watching his shows is that I can never decide whether it’s exploitative or not. Do you remember, from when you were kids, the “That’s good/that’s bad” story? Someone would tell a long shaggy dog tale and it would constantly switch from being good news to bad, e.g., “I fell out of a plane. That’s bad. But I had a parachute! That’s good. But the parachute didn’t open. That’s bad. But I landed on a giant feather bed! That’s good. But it was filled with rocks! That’s bad”…etc.
Dr. Drew has deprived her of her porn persona and reduced to a weeping mess. There are Haunting. But wait, here comes the drummer Skid Row, and it is not even the original drummer, but the guy who came a decade after its popular ... And so on.

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