Monday, November 16, 2009


New England coach Bill Belichick thought his team to win on Sunday evening for one more game. Patriots need 2 yards on first down, and do not care who they go with just six points and stood at 28 yards with 2:08 remaining.
Belichick took the shot. And did it ever backfire on the coach hailed in New England as a genius for his three Super Bowl triumphs. Tom Brady's pass to Kevin Faulk was complete but came up short, allowing the Indianapolis Colts to cash in on the short field for the game-winning touchdown and a 35-34 comeback victory that was as improbable as it was stunning at Lucas Oil Stadium.
"We tried to win the game in this game," Belichick said when the first obvious question is asked for his comments. "We had a good game. We were complete. How the results which we are, but I do not know I do not get a yard."

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