Wednesday, November 11, 2009

veterans day thank you

veterans day thank you
This Veterans Day, the country needs time to think and to say thanks to military men and women who fought for the country and say thank you to those who currently do so. Veterans Day Ceremony American Legion Post 50. Located at 1633 North Bendix drive in South Bend. The event starts at 11 am For more information, please call (574) 287-2696.
Veterans also suffer from a higher rate of unemployment than the general population. Often, they are the subject of ridicule for failed and controversial policies for which they are not responsible but made to carry out, particularly when one is unable or unwilling to see the failings of the two-party system (which is really not all that different from a single party system). Every day, and especially on Veterans Day, every American should pause and reflect on the freedoms they enjoy. They should thank those responsible for giving them those freedoms. We as Americans should be disgusted by the politicization of the issue.
In spite of these victims are veterans often overlooked, but when it is politically convenient, or reprimanded for their services. They have been used by politicians from both parties (especially the Republicans in recent years or the Democrats want to score points with conservative or moderate voters).

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