Sunday, January 23, 2011

caleb hanie

caleb hanie

This kind of third-string QB dreams now, and Caleb Haniel only briefly.

Forced the game due to injury Jay Cutler and Todd Collins' incompetence, Hania has led to the Bears two touchdown drives, throwing an interception for a touchdown, and led the Bears in Green Bay 27 before throwing a game-ending interception of the links 47 seconds.

Not bad for a little more than a quarter of the game.

He felt''very well that what Caleb was able to do,''coach Lovie Smith said. ''If the third quarterback, you do not get many repetitions, but stayed in the game mentally and really felt he belonged. We had a chance at the end of the game, and that Caleb had to lead us. So I can not complain about the game at all.''

Well, maybe one complaint: Why was not he the next guy, if Cutler went to a left knee injury?

''I thought that Todd should be the next up, ready,''Smith said.

The feeling lasted all of two out of three series, which allows Bears fans to wonder what could have been, and why the depth chart, put the road was piled up.

''They're just like the way things were at that time, Todd, and felt comfortable with it,''he said Haniel a bye-week demotion after he was promoted after the Collins' first and only start "instead of Cutler.

Haniel Cutler was the only backup last season, but Mike Martz Cutler of the education system, we wanted someone who knew the reserve. The fear was that Haniel is not getting enough reps in practice.

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