Monday, January 31, 2011

obama kill switch

obama kill switch

Last week, when the protests began in Egypt, Mubarak is a dictator used the Internet to the kill switch body further protests in Egypt in order to thwart. This is a useless measure of the nation on the brink of upheavel.

Now, some people press the panic button, in the United States - fear that Obama will implement an Internet kill switch, you'll find "The Obama Kill Switch." Indeed, Senator Joseph Lieberman, to find the bill, which the government control the spread of the Internet nearly catastrophic cyber attack in order to avoid press.

Unfortunately, many bloggers and conspiracy theories are taken into account that the Internet is the new boogyman reject - Obama has a kill switch, which is used to thwart protests and uprisings. A blogger from the site Deathandtaxes propose a scenario in which a dual-web "to business as usual, remains" a permanent us plebes were stuck Fail Whale "will be after Obama pushed to kill switch. kill switch under the laws of the Internet back to the table, and the reality that Obama would give the same power to Mubarak in Egypt to use an Internet room.

It's a big stretch to suggest that Obama will implement a so-called Internet kill switch trample on our freedoms. Anyone who knew what kind of infrastructure works will tell you that it is easier said than done. In addition, it stops the economy, which is a domino effect throughout the world. Imagine that the U.S. economy was shut down for one day or several days, the penalty would result in a global economy.

Furthermore, the situation in Egypt is again proves that the conclusion of the internet can not stop mobilizing citizens, which is a testament to the strong man. The human condition than the well-proven technology and the internet before. And it's good without it.

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