Monday, January 31, 2011

milk and honey shoes

milk and honey shoes

Jennifer Jamal ever hungered to sell their shoes Karma Vore eating, do not know what to do with a clear conscience. This is because everything in his shop in New Westminster, vegan, which means that nothing has been done in animal and dairy products, no leather hiking boots, bags and belts sold on the above, no meat, eggs, gelatin, milk and honey in food sold off.

Jamal committed vegan for about five years. He says he does not eat meat, having disturbed the original video for the animal he saw on the Internet. As they learned more, he started cutting dairy products, eggs and fish from her diet as well.

Giving up meat cold tofurkey was not easy, admits Jamal. He sought guidance of a nutritionist to help her new nutritional balance and find a new source of protein. Family and friends of the first he had trouble adapting to the new system. And to find vegan products in supermarkets and the mall was almost impossible.

He says he spent much time online shopping. It was time consuming and expensive. And when he struggled with the same challenges others suspected to be durable. Then her husband and Jamal Salim, a former vegan, I had an idea that the company will start selling vegan products.

Only served as the first time online. But as an opportunity presented itself to open a shop in Sapperton, the Burnaby residents decided their wares in the back room to clear display shelves.

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