Sunday, January 23, 2011

todd collins

todd collins

How far is Todd Collins has been dropped? Far enough for her to be deducted from the NFC Championship Game an NFL quarterback threw only 14 passes and a career 39.6 quarterback rating.

Collins had a game today, the Chicago Bears after a knee injury to Jay Cutler or ego, or ovaries, or something. The 39-year-old former Indian surprisingly ineffective, while the Green Bay Packers against the aggressive defense, and Collins pulled after failing to pass one of four attempts to complete.

Collins, the Redskins fans may remember, led Washington to the playoffs in 2007 under Joe Gibbs, has won three races during the passage of five touchdowns in the opening round before losing to the Seattle Seahawks. Collins is not only much of the playoff quarterback. After today, it would not be the quarterback at all. The first undrafted rookie to a bench next to Colorado State is the most important game of his career indicates that at the time he retired.

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