Thursday, January 27, 2011

obama gun grabbing

obama gun grabbing

He's shooting his wife Gabby Giffords Congress was the subject of gun rights and gun control regular conversation like no other event in modern memory. The political and philosophical debate was raging in the social circles of Washingtonians will be difficult to imagine. If Americans have a constitutional right to bear arms, then the government denies the right of a mentally ill person who is legally reprimanded for not monitoring the state law to buy a gun? What is the legal limit, which specifies that a person - and a U.S. citizen - be legally competent and secure the right to possess firearms? Should Obama start grabbing the person that the government is also mentally - and, if so, who determines the limits?

The Wall Street Journal writes,

Arizona shot which killed six people and aimed at an armed member of Congress thrust into the spotlight, how difficult it is for most states in the United States to stay away from weapons to people struggling with mental health. Since 1968, federal law prohibits the sale of weapons to anyone deemed mentally unfit. But first, the court decides that someone is unfit, a very high standard. Even in cases where gun purchasers are deemed mentally unfit, they can still legally buy a gun is a private seller is necessary because there is no screening at all.

In the case of murder suspect Jared Lee Loughner, his face a few obstacles when buying a gun from Arizona, has some of the most lax gun laws in the country. A community college campus police informed in advance of Mr. Loughner disruptive behavior during class. But has not begun the judicial process. The record was not in the system.

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