Monday, January 31, 2011

kim kardashian w magazine

kim kardashian w magazine

Kim Kardashian's anger was upset Sunday night episode of "Kourtney and Kim Do New York" when he saw a sneak peek of his now controversial November 2010 nude photo spread in W magazine.

After Khloe came to town to help the family store DASH, the episode of Kim's excitement turned to hedge the article "high-end fashion magazine, which claimed her naked body would be obscured by silver paint and words, but nothing else.

"I thought the nude shoots?" Kourtney said.

Kim explains that the artist that his "breasts" to the cover and other parts of his anatomy, all slathered with deep silver paint in one of the openings.

"Even though I agreed to the nude, I fully covers the work," Kim said.

But it turned out the kitschy pictures by Mark Seliger remained as it was, which appear more naked than their W Kim Playboy spread, she said.

"It's just absurd," he said in tears, when you get a sneak peek at the magazine. " This is a serious porn! "

The 30-year star of the reality sisters Kourtney and Khloe explained that it was crying because she felt "to take advantage." He added that he was going to fire someone - presumably her mother, who is essentially her manager.

But does not cover showed a naked clubbing does not solve anything. So Kim went to her sisters, a cheer that seemed to work until Scott Disick, Kourtney infant, father only to someone else (although, to be honest, I defend the honor of Kim, Kourtney later thought, I apologize for accusing him before the fight).

Kim has not improved mood the next day, when her mother told her that the W magazine printed and shipped.

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