Monday, January 31, 2011

w magazine kim kardashian pics

w magazine kim kardashian pics

In October last year, Kim Kardashian is everyone drooling over the assets, when she appeared nude on the cover of W magazine, which essentially has no imagination. Sunday is the new episode of "Kim & Kourtney New York," months after the cap is hit, fans saw the reality starlet open questions about the shooting - and he was not happy at all.

"I was naked, but it is completely covered with silver paint," he said about the episode, Mark Seliger photographs according to the Hollywood Reporter. "This will be the rapporteur of the images and architecture of the buildings and stuff on me, so will the body in shape and girth, but not really in my breast, or something like that. "

Talking to his sister, Kim, in tears, he added: "I'm here more than I am with my naked Playboy (2007). I'm so f --- ing mad right now. ... He promised it to be covered by the graphics. ... This porn is a serious ... you can see the nipple. "He added that he was told" nothing could be seen. I feel so taken advantage of. I've definitely learned a lesson. "

After seeing the pictures, Kardashian has promised: "I never take my clothes off again, even if the Vogue."

For those who missed the episode, the reality starlet cries W be initially, before Mom-ager Kris Jenner help him find that women and that coverage is brilliant. Despite the fact that his assertions that he does not show in the nude, even Anna Wintour, she joked, perhaps - such as Vogue calls.

Although he seemed very upset about the pictures, talking, when Ryan Seacrest Kardashian later it seemed that the shock had worn off. "At the end of the day, the pictures are beautiful and I am happy to do, and I love them. But at the time, I was shocked as he was not that I thought he will be," he said.

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