Thursday, January 27, 2011

moment 4 life video

moment 4 life video

Thank Me Later, rapper and co-starred with Nicki love interest in his "Moment 4 Life" video, adding more intrigue to the flirty Union. But when the stars rose on Friday, Drizzy how she managed to roll the clip, she proved to be quite sophisticated lady.

"It was not hard to Drake. Drake tell him what to do, he laughed Nicki on MTV News' Sway during an exclusive interview after the" Moment 4 Life "premiered. "I'm Nicki Minaj! Drake, you know what I'm saying to him."

The two players has a romantic Twitter, interviews and a song for a long time. But the two proteges Lil Wayne a strong friendship with Nicki.

She was a lot of video in support of Pink on Friday said that it Drake is the most convenient, as co-star under the wires of the other clips.

"This is a wonderful energy," he said. "I thought it was a special place for him. I always feel that everything is okay. You know, just chill out, relax, jokes. There was never a point where I do not want anymore," Let's wrap this up. "After Drake there, I felt like we could have shot this video for a half day, and I was fine. He is someone I look up, got a head start. So he can say what they do not know, and I believe him."

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