Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dan Zapp

Dan Zapp and Danielle Keener MacGuire were 18 on Jan 8, 2000, when they were kidnapped by William Babner. MacGuire and Zapp were walking along Susquehanna River in Goldsboro when they were abducted. MacGuire and Zapp’s story was made into a film called “River’s Edge”. William Babner packed the teens in his car and drove some miles down Susquehanna River. Babner raped MacGuire several times.
Susquehanna had a current then, which swept MacGuire and Zapp down where 3 men found them and rescued them. Police found Babner and arrested him. Babner was convicted. In Aug 2000, Babner was sentenced to 117 – 235 years in prison. It felt like we were driving forever. It felt like an eternity. At this point, this guy was just ranting and raving. He was just acting crazy. Completely crazy.
College students Danielle Keener and Dan Zapp were out on a peaceful date, unaware at first that they are being stalked. They are suddenly kidnapped at gunpoint and forced into a truck. The gunman brutalizes Danielle and pushes the teens to the edge of a river, shooting them both in the face. The gunman thinks he’s gotten rid of his witnesses… but he’s wrong.

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