Tuesday, February 24, 2009

new american tea party

The kettle's whistling. Tea Parties are popping up all over the country. People are flocking to these sites which have cropped up practically overnight in search of information about rallies, demonstrations and Tea Parties in their cities.Responding to Santelli's passionate comments, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs suggested Santelli drink a cup of decaf coffee. We prefer tea. Michelle Malkin's round-up about the growing Tea Party movement was the lead story over the weekend at her blogsite.
Forty-two lawsuits have been filed demanding that Barack Obama produce his vault certificate of birth and prove he's a natural born citizen as required by the Constitution. The tipping point may have been reached to achieve legal critical mass when four Tennessee legislators signed on as plaintiffs in a new lawsuit forcing Obama to prove his U.S. citizenship. It is what I've been talking about that was coming for a very long time and that is disenfranchisement which will turn into anger and then turn into God knows what," Glenn Beck said Friday on his radio program about CNBC'S Rick Santelli's passionate comments made Thursday from the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

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