Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cash for clunkers program 2009

Cash for clunkers program 2009 you maybe wondering what's all about cash for clunkers program or Scrappage Program right? Scrappage Program is a program by the government which to promote the replacement of old vehicles to modern vehicles. Scrappage Program was named in many different countries like in the US it's called "cash for clunkers" that is now gaining some buzz about cash for clunkers program 2009 over the internet.
It may sound a bit good and yes cash for clunkers program is aiming for stimulating the industry of automobile and to lessen high emission or insufficient vehicles in the road. Cash for Clunkers, Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS)-- no matter the name it's all part of the new Green Giant Government about which I've already been writing. It's true that I've had my fun supplying solutions for Climate Change ... but this-- this Cash for Clunkers with it's last minute "final rule"-- greatly surpasses even my own ingenuity.
Obama's billion dollar boondoggle was spelled out in it's final rules and issued to car dealers on Thursday in Green Giant Government's first in an undoubtedly long line of efforts to "help consumers buy or lease a more environmentally-friendly vehicle". For the sake of time, space, and sanity, I'll only summarize the best parts of the 136-page final rule.

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