Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sugar Glider

Today's pet of the day is a new one for us — sugar gliders! These adorable little creatures belong to Mike Nantel of Jacksonville. Mike was nice enough to give us his take on Sugar Gliders as pets. They take special care, especially when they are young, and have a diet that's far more complex than cat or dog kibble. Sugar glider enthusiasts say with some time and consideration they make good pets. Here's some more information on that.
"I love Sugar Gliders as pets because they are a bit different than the average household pet. They are exotic, come from the New Zealand area and are just something you don't see every day. They are nocturnal marsupials (members of the Kangaroo family) and they do have a pouch. If I was asked if I recommend them, I would, but I would say go to a reputable breeder and anticipate spending as much time as you can with them for the first 6 months. For me, I brought them to work several times and no one knows because they are so small and make no noise during the day."
They take a bit of work in the beginning when they are young to "bond" with you, but once they do, they CRAVE to be on you and be near you. They love to be in my pocket or to curl up on my shoulder at the base of my neck. They do live in a cage and are not litter box trained, but they are very clean and allergy free. They love people so much that a couple of nights, somehow if their cage was accidentally left open, they actually made their way from the family room, under my bedroom door and gave me a facehug!

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