Friday, July 31, 2009

Cash for Clunkers Suspended

Cash for Clunkers program has been suspended, due to the fact that it is Out of Money. It seems that it was funded with 1 Billion dollars and while this is a lot of money, when you realize that up to $4,500 was given away for each car, that is only 20,000 People who got money. 20,000 out of 250 Million, and I bet 50 million who could have qualified.
Well it’s over for now, but not too late for Martial Arts Schools (click to see a list of the best ones in DFW) to get some Free Publicity. See below from my previous article. You can still get local press coverage for your Clunker Smashing project and now a lot of sympathy because your school can’t get a new car. The new Government Cash for Clunkers Program 2009 is going to be a big boom for Martial Arts Schools across America with this particular rule that must be applied to all cars in the program.
Especially intriguing is the new Cash for Clunkers program's last-minute revision requiring car dealers to"transfer the trade-in vehicle to a disposal facility that will crush or shred it so that it will never be returned to the road, although parts of the vehicle, other than the engine block and drive train (unless the drive train is sold in separate parts), may be sold." That means that all the cars that have to be “driven” not pushed into the car dealers must be shredded or disposed of in such a way that they can never be used on the road again.

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