Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Liz Claman

Liz Claman and Cheryl Casone are scheduled to compete in this Sunday's NYC Triathlon. It'll be the first triathlon for both women. Claman reports she's been training five days a week (often at 5 a.m.), and Casone spends "six days a week in a pool, on a bike, or running..." Fox Business' Liz Claman is about to run her first triathlon. The mother of two has been training hard.
Claman says, "I'm excited. It's something I've never done. When there is something you've never done before, why not go for that challenge, break out of that mold that forms around you every day at work, do something different." It's really different compared to the "old-school" workouts she used to do. Claman says, "I was the original aerobisizer. Embarrasing. I was at Jane Fonda's workout in Los Angeles when I was eighteen."
But sweating it out with Fonda is no triathlon but, with the help of her health coach, claman is getting both mentally and physically prepared. With a five day a week workout plan that often begins at 5 a.m., claman has her hands full. What is she looking forward to most after she crosses the finish line? She jokes, "cheesecake." The anchor of "Countdown to the Closing Bell" is also a regular contributor to Fox 5 News.

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