Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More To Love Fox

Tonight, “More to Love” — a new reality show about “real women” fighting for the love of a heavier-set guy — debuts on Fox to a surprising lack of controversy. The program, hosted by plus-size model Emme and the brainchild of “The Bachelor” mastermind Mike Fleiss, was greeted with skepticism when it was first announced, and dismissed as a exploitative dating show for overweight people.
However, now that critics have received a chance to screen the show — which centers around Luke Conley, a 330-pound, 26-year-old real estate developer — most have concluded… it could have been worse. A sampling of reviews: “It’s better than ‘The Bachelor.’ There’s an added dimension of reality and of simple, relatable human emotion. In a way, this is ‘The Bachelor’ for the rest of us. The downside is that the rejection element on ‘The Bachelor’ is ho-hum.
“Not that these people aren’t pretty. They may be larger than most, but they are young and shiny and dressed to the nines. (And there is nothing homogeneous about them; they come in a variety of shapes and styles.) Conley, who also wears his bulk well, seems like a nice guy, but he is also a bit of a kid in a candy store, finagling kisses right and left.”

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