Friday, July 31, 2009

Roger Wilson

Roger Wilson has gotten a career boost after nearly giving up on the movies - restaurant bosses sent him back to Hollywood after discovering they hired a celebrity.The star has struggled to land another role in a film equally as successful as his 1980s flicks and recently began serving up drinks at Chinese restaurant Philippe East Hampton.
Restaurant owners were stunned when patrons began to recognise the star, and decided to promote him to a position at their Los Angeles branch, where he'll mingle with more A-listers.Owner Stratis Morfogen tells the New York Post, "The story I heard was, he was a struggling musician trying to make it.
But then every A-list patron who walked in the door knew him... we spoke in detail about his past - amazing guy and amazing story. Now I've decided to bump Roger up to manager in our new Philippe location in Los Angeles opening this September (09). He is so happy to go back to Hollywood... I knew none of this."

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