Thursday, July 30, 2009

iPhone hackers

Major SMS iPhone hack to be set free tomorrow at Black Hat If you get a strange text message containing only square box any time after today, you might be the victim of an SMS hack that could leave your iPhone totally exposed to a would-be hacker. How do you avoid it? Short of a patch from Apple, your only recourse is to power down your iPhone as quickly as possible.
The hack involves sending a series of SMS messages to hijack the iPhone. At that point, the hacker could control all functions of the iPhone, and could even use it to hijack more iPhones. This isn't the only news of security risks associated with the iPhone. Forensics expert Jonathan Zdziarski recently bypassed the iPhone 3GS's passcode PIN and backup encryption with relative ease.
Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) has fired another salvo against the iPhone jailbreaking scene with their claim that jailbroken iPhones could be used to attack and disable cell-towers, as well as helping drug dealers avoid getting pinched by the “fuzz.” In the ongoing battle between Apple and iPhone hackers, Apple would have us believe that iPhone hackers could levy “potentially catastrophic” cyber-attacks against wireless networks.

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