Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner

Most Americans follow the news can be unintentionally caught up in the summer, only the first mystery, the story that eventually sent an obscene photograph of a 21-year-old student with the Twitter Rep. Anthony Weiner. While the specific facts in this story is also a small number, and Congress certainly did not help, for the first time the story of the last word heard this evening that you have missed a bit of information out there, and instead received an update by Andrew Breit Bart and Shirley Sherrod. Wait one minute, was not last summer?

Lawrence O'Donnell from the jury duty, The Nation, Chris Hayes took the helm, the opening of the story by calling a Breit Bart "character assassin" for passing the necessary facts of the story. After quite a crash course on the other segments makes sense, Breit Bart Hayes, a clip on CNN, followed immediately by Jeffrey Toobin's comments in the network Breit Bart involvement was simply showed "too bad." Huffington Post reporter then turned to Alex Wagner and regretted that looks like a CNN Breit Bart did "want to give up" because the story was "absurd." "This is a person who has such credibility, as many times," said Breit Bart, chastised CNN for being "a serial manipulator of the media" in the air.

Wagner agreed, but then tried to call back to Rep. Weiner, who by this point feels like a minor character in the scandal, the conversation Breit Bart. Although the situation with Wagner, the chyron underneath reads: "There is a Breit, a photo-you guessed it, Andrew Breit Bart. Wagner refers to the night 'official press gaggle" Rep. Weiner and the defensive reaction to questions about the matter, but Hayes will return to the question of what really counts is Andrew Breit Bart is bad, evil or unforgivable?

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