Tuesday, May 31, 2011

call of duty elite

call of duty elite

Video game company Activision finally unveiled, Elite, a new social layer of the wildly popular Call of Duty game. Elite was designed for the large community of players unite Call of Duty, and tools to offer to players of all levels improve their skills. Cross-platform services are becoming increasingly popular console game developers can not implement community-specific. Web players want their courage against console players and vice versa test. Elite goes beyond the game social networks like Facebook take. Users can join the Facebook accounts Elite automatically pull in the Preferences and friends who also use the service.

Elite is the introduction of groups and clans, which are much larger role in modern warfare 3, the next Call of Duty game will play. The groups are largely open, and may be based on something. If you eat lobster? You can sign in, or the "lobster" group. If playing the weapons? There is a group. Same for "Yankees" or "Los Angeles." Groups operate like fan pages on Facebook. Users can track and compare themselves with these mini-communities of players. A total of 64 users can join groups.

Clans are more limited. Users can only belong to one clan, and there is a limit to how many players can be in the clan. Call of Duty people were reluctant to clan will play in the next iteration, but promised that it would be essential. Recently, with the game designers for a demo of Elite. The room in a penthouse hotel room in Manhattan, pointed out the huge black lines of computers in the Elite skull logo. He spoke about the goals and plans of the Elite.

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