Monday, May 30, 2011

Basketball Wives

Basketball Wives

The third season of "Football Wives" returns on VH1 on Monday, and although some players may be from what the ladies say, the queen bee of the cast (including women, ex-wives, girlfriends and ex-girlfriend) Shaunie O 'Neal says it all in a good mood, and nothing ever changes.

"Along with the usual drama you get a dip in the personal lives of the ladies a little bit, " said O'Neal, who executive produces and stars in the series. "We have kids, you meet some of the ladies and their parents to the story of a little heard. It is a bit more personal this season." O'Neal's role in the show was that the peacekeepers, while the other ladies duke it out and throw some punches.

While Cameo player is minimized, women are more than happy to talk about current and former members of (although the lawsuit against his former Dwight Howard Royce Reed has crushed most of the jokes). But you will not hear bad talk about Shaq Shaunie. "It is important to me because we have children, to stay cool," she said. "We do not need to be BFF. We do not talk every day or something like that, but we are parents first and it is important that we continue."

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