Saturday, May 28, 2011

Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now

The year was 1970, Coppola decade. Participated in the successive masterful films as a screenwriter Patton, American Graffiti, producer, director of the first two Godfather movies and talking, and finally, in 1979, as the author of Apocalypse Now. Burned our time, and now we see that the Apocalypse is now not only the best movie to come out of the Vietnam experience, but one of the great works of the madness of our time. Immediate early morning preview screening of "Apocalypse Now" and then a press conference in Cannes, where it began, saying: "My film is not about Vietnam, Vietnam, " and added that, while filming "Little by little we went insane. " What was brave and prophetic.

Coppola took Heart of Darkness, mysterious story of Joseph Conrad's the atrocities of colonialism, and turned it into the 20 century story about neo-colonialism, where the story perfectly sober narrator, Marlow, Captain Willard is the killer of special services, so crazy when he is assigned to quarry, Colonel Kurtz. The difference is that unlike everyone around him, from the top brass, Willard knows that's crazy.

Everything about the Taliban, al-Qaeda, the pressure to take us to Afghanistan and Iraq, Abbottabad and deadly attack on the problems facing us are the way of Willard. This is a brilliant falter a bit towards the end, but not fatal. This newly released version is more or less the one shown in Cannes and final. A half hour of material has been introduced 10 years ago, Apocalypse Now Redux "there is no value, reducing the film, and should be avoided.

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