Monday, May 30, 2011

Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated

A study published in Sports Illustrated on Monday claimed that since 2002 at least 28 Ohio State football players are traded or sold memorabilia. Sources told the magazine that the players already on the memorabilia, including items signed by former coach Jim tableau, at least since the second season of Ohio State. Tableau resignation Monday amid NCAA investigation into the behavior of the coach.

The magazine reported that the tableau NCAA bylaw 10.1, unethical behavior, infringed on three occasions. The first time it did not take steps, when you tip in April 2010 for about six players who sell the relics of the tattoo. The second was in the form of the agreement, which stated that he knew not signed violations. The third time was in December when he was not coming to school officials knowledge of the research.

Robert Rose, who played defensive end informed picture in Sports Illustrated that he sold, and "at least 20" people on the team exchanged memories of the tattoo. The study also found that the allegations Ohio State players traded relics of marijuana. The second tattoo shop. Dudley'z Tattoos & Body Piercing, is also mentioned in the article. The shop is closed because the West Broad Street location, said the area where the artist once said that he remembered a tattoo, at least 15 players.

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