Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated

San Francisco residents, who are the next most popular news and sports, learning today that Sports Illustrated, a report of nine new players on the left side of the Ohio State University memorabilia scandal public. San Francisco residents can watch this story at the top of local news and sport KTVU Channel 2 News. The news comes at the end of the San Francisco to 10 hours. According to San Francisco's KTVU Channel 2 News, coach Jim tableau made ​​around $ 3,500,000 annually.

OSU has the star Terrelle Pryor, Devier Posey, Dan Herron and Mike Adams have already attended the memorabilia-for-tattoos scandal. The four players, all offensive starters were suspended for the first five games next season at Ohio 10 TV News, Sports Illustrated also uncovered allegations of pointers to the players trading items in exchange for marijuana.

If you go to the NCAA, and confirms that these players were in violation of NCAA rules, each likely to be satisfied with a four-game suspension. A Sports Illustrated story linked 28 current and former Buckeyes in the local tattoo parlor, where he argued that the players sport tattoos and memorabilia sales of other goods, in fact, in the case of defensive back Jermil Martin, a truck and four Rose Bowl tickets.

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