Saturday, May 28, 2011

UFC 130 Fight Card

UFC 130 Fight Card

It's a big weekend, so we get a great holiday UFC card. After a couple of injuries his deceased fight for our headliner big party (Edgar - Maynard III), what remained of the former movie star and defending champion Rampage Jackson will try to sell the show. If you can accept that there is a very good card to watch.

Fury is not fought since November, the great scheme of things not so long ago. Rashad Evans Rashad lost rampage a year ago and still waiting for the fight. Hamill is not fought since winning a decision over Tito Ortiz in October. Hamill is one of the fighters in a harsh beating. He can only Rampage? Sure. I guess the plan for the knockout rampage Hamill as always running back and kick the scalpel.

These guys are friends and businessmen. They are ready to put it all aside and hit each other and trying to send to each other. It's the kind of thing that all fighters were seen and assessed that "I'm not going to fight with team mate" thing ends. After 15 minutes Nelson took a beating in the Junior dos Santos was also the title of his most enduring fighter in the UFC. Not many people can take such an ass-whooping. I really like both guys, and I'm not sure who I think will win or who want to drag. Probably Roy Nelson, who has a bigger upside (...?) at this point in his career.

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