Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lee DeWyze

Lee DeWyze

The former American Idol winner, Lee DeWyze seen on American Idol finale last night, but he did not attend the event, and he has not carried out. The Internet is buzzing with reports and speculation about the reasons why DeWyze not an active part in the finals have been an all-time high. DeWyze fans seem to be outraged about the various reports that are currently circulating in the media, and according to a new report, DeWyze reportedly declared that he has not requested that a portion of the show finale.

According to zap2it, DeWyze Lee said the reports in the media. "I was not asked to participate in the finals, only about 2 minutes before it was announced that Nigel had come over to me and asked if he could, to borrow half of me .. I did not feel a last second jump on the stage was the former Scotty moment. "went on to reveal:" I really appreciate it, American Idol, and the opportunity given to me and the people that do not show as possible I'm not angry or bitter, etc. I had a grand final, and I want that one .. part. I thought I was not asked.

Lee DeWyze fans were able to see the audience last night, and many fans could not understand why there was no active role in the series. It seems that conflicting reports about what exactly happened, but DeWyze Lee gave an explanation of the fact that he would not ask a portion of the show.

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