Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper

The day seemed to be Bryce Harper, so go and do. 43 games this season, Harper hits .340/.425/.615 with 10 homeruns and 34 RBI, completely dominating the Commissioner, but a quick look at the previous 10 games, shows that "Superman" has slowed down. Since May 26 Harper hit just .143/.268/.286 in a home run and three RBI ... Not exactly a great performance we are used to seeing in the Harper.

This is a small sample, of course, but it's a bit for our citizens fans, he adopted the Double-A rocket in June. Rizzo might be right, to ensure that every step of the Harper dominated the minor leagues for the promotion. His strikeout is still a concern, and the last phase of the game seems to suggest that pitchers in a hole which is available for a very long swing.

Harper's strikeout rate is currently 22.9%. The power hitters it is normal to have a higher rate than others crossed difficult because it requires hitting the swinging ball. But some fear that he is growing, and his strikeout tendencies, and may become an Adam Dunn type player, and his body becomes too great. Kevin Goldstein, one of the brilliant minds of the Baseball Prospectus, Harper's talent broke the traditional reconnaissance scale.

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